Your perfect day starts with your Wedding BFF!

Brittany (Bri) Schaffer

Owner / Lead Coordinator

    Hello my lovely boss couples!! Bri here, and welcome to my page! I'm so happy you found me and that you were willing to weed through the wedding vendor community...I know it's hard.

     I started Bridal Boss out of love and joy from planning my OWN wedding in 2021 and it turned out amazing (if I do say so myself). However, there was most definitely a shortage in the area of Wedding Coordinators and vendors to help set-up your venue. Insert Bridal Boss.

     I had no idea the true importance of a coordinator until my wedding rehearsal. NOTE for those of us in the back... Venue Coordinators are not Wedding Coordinators! That solidified that I was in the right playing field. Bridal Boss was created with strong biblical principles and values! We care about your marriage, because God cares about your marriage! Let us be a part of that special blessing.